12 Things You Should Never Apologize For

There has been numerous articles written that describe 10 Things you should never have to apologize for and yet all are different or the same in some regards. This is mine based on my experiences and life.

  1. Your Opinion-if you express your honest opinion based on your previous knowledge and own experience, there is no reason to apologize. That being said, you must take the time to hear and listen to other perspectives, but that by no means means that your opinion needs to change. Your opinion holds your values and morals. Do not sacrifice or conform for others.Your opinion is valid.
  2. Changes You Make To Your Body- if you want to get a tattoo, get a tattoo. Think of the design you want first and carefully plan it with a safe artist, but don’t apologize to anyone for getting something you passionately want. If you want a boob job, get a boob job. And guys and girls, most girls or all girls do not get a breast augmentation to attract the other sex. They do it for themselves and for confidence. If they have finally conjured up the courage to see about this operation, this is already a mighty task done. There is no explaining needed.
  3. The Past- No matter how much we hate it the past will always be there. However, the past is the PAST. If you are going to judge someone off how they acting in high school, they should be judging you. We learn from the past and don’t need to apologize  for the choices we made. Most of us know that they may have been wrong. Make sure your hands are clean before you point fingers. Now, my only side note to this would be…if someone lied about the past (cheating on current person for example) this deserves attention. Lying is never acceptable and a whole other story.
  4. Loving Someone-the heart wants what the heart wants. The individual can be cruel or an absolute doll, and you may love them. That does not mean you should, but you should never apologize for love. We cannot control who we love. We just do. This does not give you privilege to cheat; break it off first.
  5. Loving Any Gender You Want- now this piggybacks on number 4 and is the opinion I feel I’ll get the most grief from. If that person is you, refer back to number 1. I firmly believe anyone should be able to be with any gender they choose to be with, no apologies. No explanations. Just love.
  6. Eating Healthy- if you just stole someone’s food, go apologize. I actually  like veggie burgers and turkey burgers better than burgers. And yet, its like I am only ordering it because I’m being healthy. New flash-I’d eat a burger if I wanted a burger.  And if you compete like me, you will get offered every food and here “you can’t just have 1” more times than you think. There are so many times where I pick the healthy option and I receive the looks of Satan…for doing something that benefits myself. Trust me, I know what I’m doing. I love donuts more than you do. That being said…
  7. Eating Something Unhealthy-when people see me with a donut, they act like I’m about to eat a baby. I eat donuts and treats a lot. If you are having a bad day or just are simply craving ice cream with brownie, whip cream, twix, m&ms, hot fudge on a donut, DO IT. It is about moderation and living life. I had 7 bakery donuts in one day. Was that moderation? No, but when you have a donut date to the top 2 bakeries in Philadelphia, you eat all the donuts.
  8. Being Passionate- if you have have a passion in history, English, dinosaurs, whatever, this can stir your whole life. You can find passion at a young age or at 90. Having these dreams are what makes you alive. Never apologize for your dreams.
  9. Stand Your Ground- if you feel morally obligated to stand up for something or someone do it.
  10. Saying no- many people go through life without saying no when they want to. Try saying no when it is something you don’t want to do and you will feel the empowerment. Cutting out negativity and negative people in my life was on of the best decisions ever. This word can even turn into a yes. A yes to alone time instead of a night of drinking. There is nothing I like better than an amazing snack, drink and my blanket with a book or tv show.
  11. Being with your significant other- Yes, you shouldn’t lose your friends or stop hanging out with them. You should include your friends and still have your solo hangouts. But at some point, these friends need to understand that you may marry this man and spend every day by his side. You need to build and find out if this is the best relationship possible….while keeping in touch with friends. Calling is easy. Texting is easier. Going off of this, I also am referring to those that want couples who have been together for a long time or who have only dated each other to break up. I have been with my husband since 8th grade so over 11 years and we heard this none stop. I had people betting over if we’d get married that I weren’t even fond of and numerous instructing us we should end it. Why end something that bring happiness? And who is to say we haven’t discussed, but you forcing your opinion and trying to know my relationship better than we do….get out.
  12. Being obsessed with your pet-Until you’ve had a pet, (Dogs Over Cats for life), you will not understand the type of relationship you develop. You will not understand why the pet is truly your baby. You are that animals favorite person in the entire world. You are their person for their entire life. So if you dress them up on Halloween, sweaters in winter, let them sleep in the bed, refer to them as “baby.” I’m cool with that.

Just for fun:

  1. Changing your mind
  2. Picking where to eat when no one else will
  3. Returning anything that isn’t 100% what you ordered (mostly food for me)
  4. Going after what you truly want
  5. Having a blanket you love at any age
  6. Being obsessed with Disney 
  7. Not being a cat person
  8. Asking questions
  9. Taking time to enjoy nature
  10. Being hardcore. At work. At home. In the gym. Everywhere. 
  11. Telling the truth. 
  12. Being happy. 
  13. Trying new things
  14. Spending money on small things that will make you happy
  15. Wanting alone time
  16. Trying something new
  17. Being colorblind 
  18. Being overdressed 
  19. Being overeducated
  20. For laughing uncontrollably even with snorting 

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