November Goals

Over the last two months, I have made a commitment to set goals for myself each month regardless if I can keep each goal or not….I gotta try. In September, they deal with more balance finding post competition and learning to be okay with how I look at any time. This is a bigger goal than a one month deal. October, I planned to do anything festive thing I wanted and to catch up on my doctor’s appointments. I called all the offices, but had to cancel 2….I am getting there.

And so. It is November. November 8th actually and I have been putting off my goal for the last 8 days. Part of this so I could reflect on what exactly those goals all, part because I’m lazy, and partly because when I set a goal, I WILL work towards it. I am not someone who can simply say and not do.

Goal 1: Enjoy the holidays. Do not get worried about timing for being at your in-laws and then your parents. Don’t get worried about leaving your parents in time to Black Friday shop. Don’t worry about losing money at work by not working 8 hours on Friday. Don’t think about the past regretfully, but enjoy the family members you still have now. Eat what you want and show no shame.

Goal 2: Stop Stressing About Money. You avoid spending any money on yourself and when you do (bought powerlifting shoes) you hid them in your closet for a month because you feel guilty. You just got a raise. Your husband just got a raise. You have new expenses, but nothing you can’t handle. Let yourself buy that coffee. My husband works late 1 night a week. Don’t buy a dinner at the market that night…instead go buy Wawa or Qdoba or something you want.

Goal 3: Treat Yourself. This goes off of goal 2. You get so wrapped up in money and spending that you feel that you can’t treat yourself. You feel that you need to hid it or throw away the trash so no one knows, but you…but no one else cares. Your husband told  you to buy or at least supports your random purchases so just stop. Say “no” to not going out one night if you need to stay in and relax. Say “yes” to what is going to make you happy.

Goal 4: Focus on Your Relationships. And I don’t just mean with my husband. You do need to separate time and you should take time to reflect on your love for each other and do something that helps bring this to the foreground. You need to take time to see your friends. You have been so busy you push it off. You don’t reach out. They make you happy. Remember that and make time.

Goal 5: Push Your Boundaries; Take Risks. You are content. You are never content with being content long. You are so valuable and intelligent and people need to see and respect that. You can not let people keep you down or intimate you into staying where you are. You need to raise above because you are more than capable. You have never been mediocre. It is time for people to accept that and help you spread your wings.  You need to speak your mind respectfully and put yourself out there. You need to ask question and push your point. Though you may tremble, you are fierce.

Goal 6: Stay focused. You need to stay focus on every passion you have. You need to keep pushing in the fitness realm because you love that. You need to advocate for yourself in your career. You need to stay focused on creating a happier you. This month is about you from this day forward. Go out there and work on you.


I just realized I wrote this all directed to me in second person. I kinda like it.




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