When I wrote the title, I was so SO tempted to scream SANTAAAA at the top of my lunges like Buddy the Elf. You’ve never seen Elf?

Who are you.

Now I am not saying I’m participating in Blogmas, but I do desperately want to enjoy this holiday and be as festive in actions and mind as possible & so here we are.

I will post life, fitness, recipes, and well, if you’ve read my past things…sheer randomness. And so we start this one off with…..


oldmannIf you read my previous post, you would see my more emotional post about cancer. Doctors have confirmed that indeed my father does have cancer and he will be undergoing surgery on Dec 14. I was in a negative place that week I posted. I didn’t deleted it because it would be deleting me. Feelings are meant to be felt and expressed. This is us on Thanksgiving. He can be a stubborn jack, but when it comes to cancer that’s a good thing. Stay positive and living life.

img_2470Weddings! This last almost year has been weddings and the two that I was in have now come to an end. It seems crazy that its all over! It was ridiculously fun…as you can see  by my face.


dhotDakota? She doing well too. This is her dressed up as a hot dog at her dog charity/halloween party. She’s a stunner.

img_2547We went to a tree farm and got a tree.

img_2526We’ve gone on many date nights such as this Panera masterpiece.




We met Santa.

I couldn’t help the whole “Santa” thing. This is a huge understatement for my life since the last posts, but this are the moments that stand out & the people who do.


If asked to describe your last 2 months, how would you? Who would stand out? What pictures would you pick? You don’t have pictures? Go take them.


Until next time folks.


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