What I’m Eating on this Wintery Off Season

Now that I am well into off season, improvement season, bulking season, what ever season you want to call it, I still have people thinking I am eating nothing. Needless to say, when you are a competitor, people who don’t know the sport think you eat about 1000 or less calories a day consisting of lettuce. While on prep, I was still in the 1400-1500 range and at the height of my last off season I was at 2500. So where am I at now.

I am currently hitting 2,000 calories a day planning to increase this next week.

First, the important of offseason. You NEED to eat on your off season in order to gain muscle. You can use your off season to build up your metabolism so you can cut on a greater amount of calories. More calories is ALWAYS a good idea because that means more food!!!

And I feel if you look at this images below-more muscle and eating MORE looks a lot better than 2015.

900-1000 calories—1450-1550

Stage weight for 2016 was 115lbs. I hope to increase this number with muscle. Currently I am sitting at 126.

126lbs as of 12/1/2016

FINALLY, what am I eating in my 2,000 calories. Welp, Monday-Friday during work looks like this:

Breakfast- Spice Chai tea with splenda and a Kirkland Protein Bar (20 bars for $18 with the same macros as a Quest Bar #winning)

2nd Breakfast- A pack of oatmeal (Peach or Banana is my favorite) with coffeeoat

Lunch- Veggie Patty for 2 pieces of bread topped with a Wholly Guacamole. 1 Greek Yogurt. Romaine if I’m still hungry because it’s free at my work.

Snack- Fiber one 90 calorie bar. 2 slices of cinnamon toast.

Dinner-Varies. Normally about 4oz of chicken, mixed with salsa, corn, black beans, and spices


Snack- a large bowl (2ish servings) of cereal. My cabinet currently contains Strawberry toast crunch. If I have macros left over, I fill it here.tiny_toast_strawberry

Current macros- 100g protein (.8 of my weight) 60g fat 265 carbs. Some days this changes. But I also make sure I have at least 100g of protein.

You do NOT need to eat “clean” to lose weight.

Make sure you hit your macros and get in micro nutrients and you’re golden.


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