Festive Ideas on a Budget

Hello everyone!

My blog game was going strong, but IIMG_6338.JPG decided to take yesterday off for some much needed RFCT aka Rest, Food, Cuddling, & TV..preferably all at the same time.

As we get into the holiday season, I want to do all things festive. I also like to do all things festive for as little as possible while splurging if an event warrants. However, I will be going to VEGAS BABY in February so save money now, spend more then 🙂

Any way, I wanted to give you guys some festive fun ideas that don’t cost a pretty penny.



  1. Go on a coffee date. I recommend Starbucks or finding a cool little coffee nook with comfy chairs/couches. I also recommend Starbucks for the sheer reason that they have more than coffee. && I NEED to try the Snickerdoodle Hot Chocolate.2juKhsTm-2500-1667.jpg
  2. Drive around to see Christmas lights. Get in the car and drive. Go in a neighborhood that looks decked out and enjoy. It’s free (besides the  gas).IMG_2673.JPG
  3. Go on a horse drawn carriage ride. These can range in price, but even the ones in Philly you can do a short tour for $40 for 4 people. Find some friends and split it up.home-4a.jpg
  4. Go sledding. If there is snow, go sledding. Who cares how old you are. Find a hill and do it.Kids-On-A-Sled-56972.gif
  5. Make a Christmas Card. Deck yourself out in your Christmas gear and take a few pictures. Then you have can fun printing and sending them to your fambam.IMG_2541.JPG
  6. Button up and get outside. Winter isn’t always freezing and some days it is even manageable. Look up an amazing park online and get walking. img_2676
  7. Nature Decor. Going of of the idea above, pick up pine cones on your way. Then you can come home and create awesome decor for your house with ribbon, fake snow, etc.Pine-Cone-Christmas-Trees.jpg
  8. Bake cookies. You can buy and make cookies for probably $5. Cut them into cool designs. Decorate them. Eat them. Love them.Spiced-Gingerbread-Man-Cookies-plus-24-more-Christmas-Cookies.jpg
  9. Hot Chocolate & Chill. Get a festive beverage & watch a festive movie. There are tons on TV, Netflix, or On Demand. Make a night of it.VrSdH0jsMnM.movieposter.jpg
  10. Cook together. Go online and find a recipe that sounds AMAZING. I recommend a pie. You can go some place and buy the fruit together and then go home and bake it.421d3896-175e-4862-a5ae-1a49dc38508d.jpg
  11. Gingerbread House building party. Invite your friends over and tell them to bring a gingerbread house. Grab some wine and build Gingerbread houses together while listen to Christmas music.IMG_2671.JPG
  12. Go ice skating. I suck. I really suck. But it cost about $10 a person and it is fun. You can hold on to the side & have a few laughs between falling.IMG_2672.JPG
  13. Go on a donut date. Okay so it doesn’t need to be donuts, just in my case..I have a donut obssession. What ever it is you LOVE, look up the top rated places in your area. For my husband and I, this was Federal Donut and Beiler’s Donut in Philly and so we got up at 7am and went to them both to get the best choices. FullSizeRender.jpg
  14. Donate. Look through your cabinet for those extra food items you probably will never eat. Go through your toys, clothes, and accessories and create a pile that you can donate. Then go do it.f-new-donate-toys-for-christmas-toronto-donate-toys-for-christmas-kansas-city-donate-toys-for-christmas-to-sick-kids-donate-toys-for-christmas-seattle-donate-toys-for-christmas-in-fort-worth-don.jpg
  15. Create a wreath. You can buy and fake or real wreath base for about $7-20 dollars. Use those pine cones you picked up on your walk, some ribbon, maybe a cool initial, and some left over lights to make a one of a kind wreath for your home.IMG_5279.JPG
  16. Read a good book. This is good anytime, but I think of reading even more when I am under a blanket cuddling with my puppy with a warm beverage. 4c8517fe6b5d0030bd46bce6a3163c5e.jpg
  17. Write meaningful messages inside your holiday cards or send post cards. Don’t just write Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas. Reflect on your time with those individuals.Christmas-and-New-Year-postcard_pr.jpg
  18. Make each other Christmas Cards. Plain and simple. You each have construction paper and any arts and craft supplies you want. Now make each other a card. img_2674
  19. Make a Christmas ornament. Buy plain ornaments and buy glass paint. My husband and I did this when dating. We still have the ornament 10 years later. If you don’t have a significant other, make an ornament for a family member. They even have the clay ones you can make a shape with or press  your puppy’s paw into 🙂18a0b0a0f3e15f9b0d8722d2d1a171f5.jpg
  20. Have a Christmas Dance Party. Blare Christmas Music. Hang up some mistletoe or don’t. Invite some friends over for tree decorating. Have everyone bring their favorite festive dish. christmas-elf-magic-animated-gif-clr.gif
  21. Board games. Too cold for you outside, play a board game. Scrabbles been my latest fav.download.jpg
  22. Gift an Adventure. My husband and I like to make part of our gift something we will enjoy later. Groupon is amazing for this. I can go on and find a place to go to for $20. We went to a winery one year for $15 for both of us. I hate when the holiday or any big event is over and there is nothing to look forward too so this keeps you looking forward to the next adventure. Groupon.png



Add to my list. I love new ideas and I love trying new things so any and all idea are welcome.



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