Are you on the Naughty List this Year?:How to Better Yourself


Hello everyone!  Every year we see and hear the jokes “Are you on the naughty or nice list” and from time to time we hear parents bringing it up to misbehaving children, who truly believe in the magic of this list.

Nevertheless, shouldn’t we all take some time to reflect on what list we would be on?

I know naughty could mean a serial killer criminal while nice is everyone else….but I’m not hitting those  extremes here. Saying you aren’t “naughty” because you didn’t kill anyone, steal anyone’s fortune, or other awful things, doesn’t make you nice.

These are my tips on how to self reflect and find a way to better yourself even more than your wonderful self already is 🙂

Some may not apply to you so just skip those for you.

They all start with, HOW DID I :

  1. Treat my close friends: Did I blow off plans last min? Was I truthful? Did I reach out to them when I knew things weren’t going well? Did I reach out to just see how there day went? Did you return the friendship that your friend gave to you?giphy.gif
  2. Treat my coworkers– You need to be firm when the time is right and you need to make tough decisions, but there are numerous places in between. Did you hold back when you could have offered a helping hand? Did you throw them under the bus when the going got tough? Did you make any comments that made them feel inferior? Tone of voice matters a lot. Remember your success is important, but if you are belittling your coworkers, how is your company supposed to succeed with individuals who don’t feel appreciated?annoying-coworker.gif
  3. Treat my parents– Some of you may not have a parent or parents or have a bad situation with them; I understand that and if that is you skip this one. Have you took the time to catch your parents up on your life? When was the last time you ate a meal together? Maybe take them out to eat just to catch up. Give them your
  4. Treat my siblings-Did I make sure we don’t lose touch; I know my parents wouldn’t like that. Did I invite them over or extend an invite to them into my life? Maybe send a simple text. Maybe post something on their social media or tag them in something that reminds you of them. It matters; I promise.ccf94d310b6793ac5fe0445fac1db241.jpg
  5. Treat your children-I don’t have any kids so this is hard for me. But my mother used to reflect in confession on how she could have kept her temper longer, used not as harsh words, and had more patience in times of frustration.0211f06b663335c866d3328a11f80042.jpg
  6. Treat your pet– Yes, this counts. Owning a pet is an important responsibility that is not for everyone. Do you spend enough time with your pet? Do you make sure they aren’t home alone all day every day? Take them to the park, buy them a new toy or chewy (or whatever animals other than dogs eat). Are you ever as excited to see your animals as they are to see you? anigif_enhanced-buzz-3732-1355608887-2_preview.gif
  7. Treat my extended family– Do you try to keep them close and check up on their life? Do you say Happy Birthday or Thanksgiving on holiday? My extended family is a bit dysfunctional and their are some I decide not to stay close too. I used to feel bad for this, but then I realize it’s not me…it’s the person they decided to be is not a good person. Or, it gets to the point where why would I if they don’t? I try to remind myself to stop this thinking and do it anyway. But it can be hard.giphy-1
  8. Treat my spouse or significant other– Start by asking, “How could I make their life easier or their day better?” I think we should always make each other’s day better. This can be a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, or a body to cuddle with. We could make each other dinner or surprise them with a small treat. Schedule or cancel a doctor’s appointment for them when their day doesn’t allow them the time to do it themselves. Make life easier by making them feel special. Don’t use harsh words or use their weaknesses against them during an argument. You love this person. Show that love.large.gif
  9. Treat the world– For this I am focused more on nature and the many charities that exist within your country and outside. Did you donate to any charity or cause? Even Goodwill or that extra dollar at the drug store for a cause. Do you recycle or take steps to reduce the use of water, electricity, or gas? In my day to day, I make sure I turn the lights out and I recycle. This is small, but I count it. Could I do more? Of course. 635875427130698100119613287_check-yourself-gif
  10. Treat society– How did you treat your fellow citizens? Did you use racist slurs or make fun of any one with a disability? Did you think it was funny to use a racist word or “retarded?” Did you body shame someone for how they look? Were you the individual who started a conversation with “That guy/girl looks” followed by a negative remark. Too thin. Sickly. Too muscular. Too Fat. Stop being a bully if you are. Did you put down women or think they shouldn’t have the same rights as men? Are you still someone who does not believe ALL humans are equal. Did you put down the transgender or homosexual? Did you do this because you are scared of what you don’t understand?Secondly, did you hear or see these things happening and do NOTHING. We need to stand up for our fellow folk and make it known how we feel. We need to support each other. You have a voice; use it.  1069069.png
  11. Treat myself– Did I uphold my morals and values? Did I stand my ground and make decisions that I want to make? Did I cut down on the negative talk and develop that confidence? You need to make sure you are taking care of yourself through making doctor’s appointments when needed and having those treat yo self days. We need our hobbies and our alone time. We need to help ourselves grow confident and strong. How did you do this year? I think if we have these treat yo self moments and do things that genuinely make us happy, we will give out even more happiness to others. anigif_83a321a1b2ee23fea5e4480a87f7b9d3-7.gif

And now that you have answers for these questions, you can answer the

WHAT COULD I DO? Nothing, you already do everything? Then, WHAT COULD I DO BETTER?

Every year, actually every day, we have the chance to better ourselves. It doesn’t cost a penny to be nice and being nice goes a long way. The people above are your life (unless I missed something) Look at how easy it is to make someone’s day better in just a few seconds. Time is not simply given to us. Every day we have less and less of it. Make the time count.

Be on the nice list and always work on being even better.bd44346d92d5ba22437e93e959347217.jpg


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