Closing out 2016 Stress Free

As the holidays are upon us sometimes it can be overwhelming in numerous aspects. Money, how to split time with family, taking off from work, work, dieting/over eating, missing family members, travel, knowing what presents to buy, figuring out who you need to buy for, and I am sure I am missing some other items that can be stressful in life.

Many of these items though stressful are still going to give us happiness; that being said…stress still exists. And so, I want to lend you some of my ideas for how to ditch the stress and enjoy the holidays instead.

  1. Don’t check your bank account until your next pay. If you know you have enough money in there, but are scared of how ridiculous low it may be, don’t check it. I know my account isn’t going to be zero, but I also know my pay check from the following week has disappeared long ago. So, I don’t check it until the next pay cycle and I buy the things that I NEED to buy and I pay the bill I NEED to pay. I also still buy myself a coffee if I want it and I still go out to eat with my husband on Saturday. Now, if you are worried you are going to bounce a check or deplete your account…that’s a separate story. But for me, I typically go to look at my balance and it is more than what I pictured.
  2. Don’t Start a Diet now. Many people get dieting on their mind as they know they will be eating so many gloriously yummy foods around the holiday. I say, eat them. Eat them all. Enjoy the memories you have with your family and don’t eat to the point you feel sick. Eat what you want, but don’t cause physically gross feelings haha. If you want to start eating better, don’t try to start at the hardest time of year. Wait for January and don’t go into it as a New Year’s Resolution, go into it as a lifestyle change.
  3. And if you over eat- Though you are full, you still haven’t tried your aunt’s pasta dish or your cousin’s famous dessert and so you eat it anyway. No big deal. Now you feel grossly full like you didn’t want to feel….oh well it happened. Try not to do it tomorrow. Know going in you are not tracking your food, you are eating for happiness and memories.
  4. Don’t weigh yourself- Don’t weigh yourself at all. You can be 5lbs different in a day and that doesn’t mean you gained 5lbs of fat. Wait until you go back to your normal eating routine after the holidays to weigh yourself. The extra calories you ate aren’t going to hang around once you go back to your normal diet.
  5. Realize what you are fighting over- Maybe you are fighting over splitting time with family. It is amazing that you have two families who want you so much you need to have this fight. Bring this up to the other individual in this situation. Remind them what is important; remind yourself. If this isn’t your year to spend time with your family on Christmas, do what you can to make it great still. Send a personalized card. Call. Call often. Facetime. Do something meaningful for them. Have a definite when for when you will see them next.
  6. Make work secondary- I know easier said than done because work is life and pays the bills. Hopefully you don’t need to work on Christmas, but if you do or the days around it, don’t bring it home with you. Make it secondary; it is not the most important thing in your life and if it is, I’d take sometime to think if that’s what you really want. Maybe it is and that is fine as long as you are happy.
  7. Find something meaningful- If you don’t know what to buy, opt for something that would be meaningful. I do get giftcards a lot for extended family or family who I know that is what they want. But when I don’t know what to get, I try to think about that individuals personality. I creep on social media sources and I try to find something unique. I would love for someone to do this for me. So why not do it for them?
  8. Have back up gifts- Especially at work, people always tend to give me something and I didn’t plan on it. So get small little gifts, like candy, extra cards, hand soap, candles, etc in your desk AND keep the receipt. Anything you don’t end up using give out. And I don’t mean by like 20 extra things, buy for the maybe people.
  9. Plan early- Planning how to split the holiday early will make the lead up the Christmas easy; it won’t be a guessing game for the person cooking dinner. Book your travel early in order to make sure the flight or ride will go smoothly, no surprises.
  10. Look at old memories/reflect- The holidays can be a sad time for someone or anyone who has lost someone. Instead of getting in the cycle of negativity, look at those old memories even do this with someone else who might be feeling the same. Focus on making the most of the holiday with the ones you have and remember how happy that individual who isn’t there would want you to be.


I also will add in having mini treat yo self like getting the nails did (I love/hate it), a warm beverage, or a nice bubble bath can work wonders.

Happy Holidays!


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