90s Kids Food Flashback: Let’s Bring em’ Back

This weekend I was at the market when I caught a glimpse of an old oatmeal I used to enjoy as a child and started to wonder what other “kid” food I was missing out on.

Some I believe are stereotyped “kid” food, but who cares. As long as it is not baby food, are we not supposed to eat it because we aren’t kids. Pshhhh on that.

And so, foods from my 90s years that I need to bring back ASAP.

  1. Dinosaur Eggs- Come on, you neeed to remember these. They have eggs that turn into mini dinosaurs when you add hot water. My secret for the best eating, don’t melt all the eggs. I love the flavor of the eggs still in the box. These were on sale for $1.99 at ACME and now in my belly. b752bd4e-580d-484b-9846-88755f024bd1_1.573dc2f25b1b496e012ae287b4ff5ffc.jpeg
  2. Ring Pops- I thought I was so cool when I had this on my finger licking away until I would get annoyed at its stickiness and break the candy jewel right down the middle. I might not bring this back into my life, but man did I reminiscence on going roller blading with my ring pop.dj.jpg
  3. Little Hugs Juice- The blue was the BEST ever. The memories of soccer games, field days, and birthday parties are flying at me. I actually got to try one of these again, the sugar content was too much for me. Did they get sweeter?little-hug-drink.jpg
  4. Push Up Pops-Am I the only one who asked my mother to buy me one of these whenever she went to CVS?download.jpg
  5. Push Up Pops Ice Cream- Orange d7971f06f2b57a8f2779f2d8386bb8c0.jpgcream flintstones. Remember yet? Go buy it now.
  6. Oreo O’s- This cereal NEEDS to come back and if it is already out some place it needs to find a new home in my home.images.jpg
  7. Dunkaroos- I could kill a pack of dunakroos right about now. But for real, I could see eating this as my grown up snack…maybe even in my greek yogurt.dunkaroos-box-slideshow.jpg
  8. Fruit Snacks- Scooby doo fruit snacks to go above and beyond. I was never a hung fan,but my mother insisted I eat them…and so I did or shared with half the  class.51m09zJeMML.jpg
  9. Airheads- Especially the WHITE Airhead. I used to think it was the best idea to shake my airhead back and forth. If you do it enough, the airhead mushes together in one big clump at the end of the packaging.airheads-candy.jpg
  10. Warhead Sours- CVS and Christmas Tree shop still sell these babies. Watermelon and the blue one are still the bomb. icon-126844.jpg
  11. Baby Bottle Pop- Pure sugar inside, candy on the top so you lick the candy and dip it in the sugar.download.jpg
  12. FunDip- Still around during Valentines’ Day, but in my day, it was always around. I opted to just eat the candy sticks though.61LoObH1KJL.jpg
  13. Candy Necklaces- Biting the necklace but then its so wet from you that the candy sticks to your next…but it tasted good.candy_necklace_koko_2.jpg
  14. Hubba Bubba- Hiding my gum at school so I didn’t have to share my Hubba Bubba. Exactly.54f642b7c8f84_-_bubble-tape-wrigley-xl.jpg
  15. Sunny Delight- Never liked it, but my mother sure did. You can bring this back…or let’s just not.OTF447107S.jpg
  16. Fruit Roll Ups- This were awesome. But they do have two sheets of plastic on them. You see I thought they only had one and I ate the second sheet. My mother had to reach down my throat and pull the other piece of plastic out….I wasn’t allowed to eat them anymore.b5661eba87564c0e77932508939362f5.jpg
  17. Pop Rocks! AHHH I thought these were the coolest sensation and as I got to the dating age, kissing with Pop Rocks was like goals.Pop-Rocks-Small.jpg
  18. Gushers- Sugary goodness. I ate these on the daily.american-betty-crocker-fruit-roll-up-gushers-fruit-by-the-foot-variety-pack-2063-p.jpg
  19. Kool-Aid- It was my duty at home to make this. I still hate fruit punch from the excessive amounts I drank as a kid.download (1).jpg
  20. Freeze IcePops- I ran them under hot water so I could drink the blue as an icy smoothnessflavors-pops.png
  21. Fruit Strips Gum- I’m pretty sure the flavor didn’t last and you could give yourself a tattoo with thesecandyinc_1917_488858_1.gif
  22. Vanilla Coke- I prefer vanilla coke zero but I can only get this in one of those fancy soda machine where you pick your flavor. Vanilla Coke, you are missed.7320.jpg
  23. Jaw Breakers- The bigger the better. I once bought one that couldn’t even fit in my mouth. I have to save it in plastic bags for multiple days.Gobstopper.jpg

24. Cereal in General- I feel like the characters on the cereal boxes were so much more common. I felt like they had a story with the Trix bunny and the leprechaun for Lucky Charms. Tony the tiger. Now, the push is less cereal based and more “healthy” cereal or options. I still enjoy a bowl of cereal at night…most nights actually. images.png

Okay so I have come to the conclusion that a lot of the items I remember from the 90s are full of sugar and not the best for you. But, hey, it’s about moderation. I could easily pass up a lot of these, but I will be eating my dinosaur oatmeal for breakfast this week while reminiscing about my over sized sweatpants and cartoons on a Saturday morning.



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