“I Don’t Have Time”: How to Get Exercise In

Today I am going to give you a quick post about ways to stay active when you really don’t have much time. This can work for the individuals who work a lot or who don’t tend to work out. These are easy changes to get some form of activitity in.

Currently, my father is in surgery to hopefully find and remove a cancerous tumor. And so my mind is a lot of other places today. 

One of the most common complaints for why individuals don’t work out is because of time. These are my thoughts for easy to do exercises. Of course, keep in mind this is still going to depend on your job and your life style. These are ways to get some form of exercise in (not intense exercising).

  1. At Work: If your job is standing all day, do sets of calf raises. If you sit all day, it is important to get up regularly just for mental health as well as getting the blood flowing. On your bathroom breaks, do 10 squats in the stall before doing your business. On your lunch break, take a walk.
  2. Quick before work: 10 Push ups and 10 sit ups as soon as you roll out of bed before you leave the room. If you have 5 mins, do each exercise for a min: jumping jacks, push ups, berpees, high knees, plank (you can create your own) Repeat if time allows.
  3. After work: Walk your dog or take your kids on a walk. None of those? Walk yourself. While making dinner, everytime you are waiting, jump, squat, jump squat, run in place, high knees. If I’m really stressed for time, I run my dog around the neighborhood then do jumping lunges and jumping squats then run in place while I recover.
  4. I work from home:Walk on the treadmill during phone calls. No treadmill, just walk around your home then.  Plan 10-1min breaks throughout the day. Each min do as many reps of an exercise as possible. Everytime you get up from your chair, crab walk or walk within a squat.

You may look ridiculous for some of these, but they are easy fixes to atleast getting in some form of exercise on days you feel like you can’t. There’s always the choice of getting up early or staying up late, but I understand that with a full time job, sleep is very neccessary.

Any questions? Let me know. Follow my journey on instagram


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