Miss a Few Days: Life Update

Hello everyone and so I missed a  few days and that is due to…well life. & so today, I will provide a life update because …well that’s what I’m feeling.


This week in review:

Sunday. Sunday I celebrated my father’s birthday at TGI Fridays before heading to the Let It Snow Show with my husband. A concert on a Sunday was a daring choice beings my husband needed to be up at 4:45am for work and myself at 6:50. But, he wanted to see The Chainsmokers, Charlie XCX, Mike Posner, CashCash, and the Kungs. OH and JoJo was there too. That being said….Monday was a struggle.15442210_10157909874550243_5395956042124743507_nMonday-Was exhausting. No amount of coffee was going to cure my tiredness. I’m pretty sure we were in bed during the 8pm hour.

Tuesday- Was my father’s actually birthday and the day he would find out the time for his surgery on Wednesday. I told him I would bring him dinner since my mother and brother would be teaching bible school that night. His request? McDonalds. He didn’t directly say, but he did say McDonalds has coffee that we could bring. And so, to McDonalds I went before enjoying dinner with my father and husband amiss the calls of my siblings to wish him a Happy Birthday.dad

Wednesday-My father needed to be at the hospital at 7am for a surgery at 8:30am to hopefully find the tumor causing cancer on his lypnodes. I went to work, but planned to leave early in time to be there for when he was awake. They didn’t find the tumor which I guess is a good and a bad thing. It is good because the surgery wasn’t as invasive and he was able to come home that night, but bad because that means they don’t know where the cancer is coming from. Wednesday was a long day, but my father is strong. He will need to overcome a stretched bladder again and the awfullness that comes with a loss of bladder control. He’s still killing it & chugging along.

Thursday- Grocery day! This is always the day I go grocery shopping and I love it. Food is definitely high on my list of things I love. This Thursday though, I was invited to a work party the following night and needed to have a gift…then I ended up getting out an hour late. When I got home, I ate dinner, worked out, tv, food again, and bed.

Friday-Well, work, holiday party, sleep.

And now it is Saturday.

So life has been busy, but in the middle of this I have retested some maxes. I pulled a 290 deadlift, and squatted 220. I think I can hit 225, but I get so worried about my depth. I never believe I go low enough. I’m just going to touch the ground with my butt one of these days, maybe then I’ll believe myself.

Bench max is for today.

That is my life update for this week. I got in my lifts and had my rest days. I got in what was important when it was important. Prioritizing is key and now today I must food shop and run errands….but it is icy and pouring rain.



Til’ next time.


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