Gingerbread-House-Making Party: SUCCESS!

If you looked at my previous blog Festive Ideas on a Budget, you would have saw an idea was to host a Gingerbread Making Party.

Now I was not the host, but one of my best friends DID host one. Now the significant others besides a few were in to the whole making a house deal and so, it became Gingerbread and Cigar Party. img_2822

What You Need for the houses

It is so much more fun to make a house from scratch then buying store bought ones.

  • Buy graham crackers-1 pack per house.
  • Make icing-Icing Recipe
  • Buy YOUR favorite candy to decorate. Remember you might end up eating some so pick things you like.
  • Invite your friends to bring any special candy they would want to use to decorate
  • We dropped some candy in the process and icing. Put a plastic sheet on the floor below the table you use
  • Take pictures.
  • Have those not taking a house do a blind vote, just for fun.

What You Need to Festive it Up

  • Spiked Hot Chocolate made in a crock pot for mass quantity and ease use Recipes!
  • Some actually good as in meat, veggie, bread. Get a hoagie tray or a veggie tray. Something. After having so much sweets, it feels so good and is so worthwhile to eat something not.
  • If anyone ask to bring anything, such something festive. My friend didn’t ask us to bring anything, but of course we did. And everyone brought something in the holiday spirit and it was mucho yummy.
  • Dress Code It-Ugly Christmas Sweater, anything holiday like, over the top holiday, Santas and Elves
  • Christmas Music playing the whole time
  • img_2823
    Check out his dumbbell

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