Always Donut.

This is not Christmasy. Should I be Christmasy because tomorrow is Christmas Eve? Maybe, but right now I am really feeling like more of a donut connoisseur.

First. I spell donuts, donuts. I really do not like the doughnut spelling, but if they taste amazing I will accept it.

Donuts just allows for a lot more puns. tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640.jpg

Go Nuts for Donuts.

I Do-nut Care. I donut understand you. Donut worry.

You get the point.

Let’s start with the chain donuts:

Dunkin Donuts

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Dunkin Donut used to be amazing. Donuts were made fresh on the hour. Stopped at Dunkin Donuts was a rarity in my family so when the time came, I was over joyed. Strawberry frosted with sprinkles was my absolute favorite.

As I grew up and got my own job and car, I would stop to get a donut after work sometimes; however, after having 2 stale donuts on 2 different trips I was annoyed. I blamed myself at first because I was going at the end of the day and perhaps, I was just missing the window of freshness or maybe it was simply the Dunkin I was stopping at.

I made the decision to go in the morning to a different Dunkin. I ordered the apple crumb donut and split a regular strawberry frosted with a friend. Not stale, but not great. So what changed?

They are now delivered to Dunkin twice a day. 1 delivery in the morning and 1 later in the day is what a worker stated.

Dunkin is still okay in my book and still better than..

Krispy Kreme

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

As a child, I only had Krispy Kreme when they were sold at my church, but my husband raved about having a donut hot and fresh off the conveyor belt. And so, the day after my first competition we headed to the nearest Krispy Kreme about 20 mins away.

My first thought was the prices were higher than Dunkin and even some local bakeries, but that is okay if the donut is worth it.

I ordered the traditional and a birthday cake donut. The birthday cake donut as almost I should have expected was way too sweet and tasted similar to Dunkin donuts. I’m not sure their freshness.

The hot glazed donut definitely wins over Dunkin because who doesn’t love a HOT donut. However, when it was cold…it is even.

Since Dunkin is more readily available to me, I have to say I prefer Dunkin unless I catch a Krispy Kreme when the donut is hot.

Tim Hortontimhortonslr.jpg

Now, I have only had Tim Horton’s donuts while in Canada at a very tourist area so I’m sure their donuts are replenished more often then other locations.

The maple donut was amazing and I think I ate 1 every day I was there. From my memory, I liked it better than the current Dunkin Donuts, but I only had 1 flavor and again at a popular location. I think I would need to test a more local Tim Horton for a fair comparison.

Now the Bakery’s

If you are from the Philadelphia area or slightly over the border NJ area, these location might make sense to you. If not, visit if you ever come in the area.

Federal Donut and Beiler’s

After my competition in June, my husband took me on a donut date. We work up ridiculously early so we could be there first. How we decided where to go was by looking up the Top Ranked Donut’s in Philadelphia. Federal Donut was #1. Beiler’s was #2. So of course we had to go.

If you want to watch this donut date, click Here!!

Federal Donut-Philadelphia


This bakery has 5 stores within Philadelphia, 1 of them being within the ballpark, and they also serve fried chicken. Kinda random, but I’ve heard real good.

Since it was the morning, we went for just donuts. These donuts are fried which I realized quickly I am not a big fan of.

Pricing: $1.50-2.50. A little pricey.

I ordered a churro donut and the topping was amazing. The donut itself was okay. I just don’t like Fried donuts. If you do, you might find it awesome.

Beiler’s– Philadelphia, Pa and Lancaster, PAFullSizeRender.jpg

Beiler’s is located inside the Reading Terminal Market, but they just opened another location in Lancaster. They are closed on Sundays as  this is an Amish family. They sell about 6,000 donuts a day from their location in Philadelphia alone.

We arrived at 8am when it opened…there was already a line. It moves fast though so WAIT.

These donuts were under cheap. For a dozen, I know I paid less  than $12. And they are fancy.

My six were Fruity Pebbles, Banana Creme, Maple Bacon, Elvis (Maple bacon and banana creme, Apple, and Oreo.

These were yeast donuts and amazing. In my opinion, they need to be number 1 and if they had as many stores as Federal….I think they would be.

PS I ate 7 donuts that day.

JB Bakery-Burlington, NJ


I went here after my OCB competition. Yes, I mapquested what donut places were close to my competition in NJ.

They had a long donut with bacon, Oreo, Lucky Charms, and GIANT cookies covered in nuts.

I forget the pricing honestly. I was too happy with my donuts.

But let’s focus on the donuts. They were yeast which I appreciate and love. As my first sugary treat after competing, they were the bomb. I got some for other competitors and they agreed. This could be dieter’s brain…but all their positive reviews confirm…they are good.

Fractured Prune– NJ, DE, and MD

You can create your own donut toppings or pick some signatures. I loved this idea so on the way to Dewey Beach, we had to stop. Their are mutliple locations as you will see above.

But, they were fried donuts. I loved the toppings. Hated the donut. I liked them less than Federal Donuts.

Again…I forget pricing.

Now my favorite.

Jes-Made Bakery. This is a tiny bakery located on Lenni Rd, in Delaware County PA. They only have 4 parking spots in the front, but a few are in the back. They sell their donuts now at some local establishments and they are phenomenal. FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Pricing $1 a donuts or half a dozen for $5.50.

They are large; I’d say 1.5 Dunkin Donuts in size and they are nice and fluffy. The icing is sweet. ALMOST too sweet. Too sweet for me to eat 7 of. I can stop at 1 and be very satisfied. I have ate 2 in a day before, but not back to back.

They have a donut of the month commonly which keeps me checking back and they also make cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. If you are within a close radius and love donuts. Go.

This is one of  those small local bakeries I hope never ever goes out of business and that I WANT to give my money to to support. The people are friends and its been in the family for over 40 years.







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