Blogmas: Two Days After Christmas

And so I missed Christmas Eve and I missed Christmas. Does this even  count as blogmas anymore since I missed the most important day?

Well today, I am going to recap my last three days & then I’ll probably still blog almost daily even after this post…because I like writing.

Christmas Eve-IMG_2934.JPG

Christmas Eve. 8:30am, I woke up and went to the park with Dakota because I knew she’d be alone most of the day. I ended up running about a mile because I was frozen and worried about the time. My in-laws celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve around noon and we spend most of the day there.

My husband wanted to arrive around 11 to help set up and just get there before the extended family. His mother always makes way too much food, but it is all so good & that means left overs! We have two types of pasta, turkey, ham, cranberry sauce, shrimp, chickfila nuggest, chickfila chicken salad, meatballs, sausage, and a bunch of desserts. You can NOT go hungry at the Harris household.

Around 4pm, we headed home to led Dakota out and just relax. We knew we would be going back later to go to a Christmas house. It is an individual who lives about 10 mins away who goes all out with Christmas…like people come from far away to see his home. He’s been on the news and I’m sure tons of other things. Check it out here

In the few hours home, we took Dakota for a walk and my husband helped me with squats. I was focus on depth more than anything. My legs got real tired and still I was like “I can do  220” no problem…and I literally just sat down. Luckily my husband was there to help…if ya want to see me fail look here .

Smith-Family-Christmas-at-Top-of-the-Hill-Delaware.jpgThen we went to see the Christmas house and came back to finish out the night cuddling with our puppy and watching Stranger Things….so Christmasy right. At least there are Christmas lights in it.


Dakota slept in our bed and we set our alarms for 7:30am. We jumped up and gave Dakota her presents…Santa toy, Dragon toy with Santa Hat, and some food. We let her play while we exchanged. I had bought my husband concert tickets previous so he just got socks and a tie today. I got Red Hot Chili Pepper tickets. I am ecstatic because I love them to much. I’m terrible at showing emotion though so my husband was worried haha.IMG_2929.JPG

Then off to my in-laws for breakfast with his parents, sister, and grandfather. Eggs, toast, bacon, scrabble, cream of beef, hashbrowns…yummm

Home to change then to my parents with their gifts. Typically we meet them at church, but this year they went to the Christmas Eve mass.

Church Attire

Then too church. My husband doesn’t really have a religion, but he has been going with me on the holidays for awhile now.

Back home. We wanted to start a new tradition or do something just us. & so, we watched Home Alone. Simple, but our own. Following, we took Dakota for a walk in her Elf hat.IMG_2933.JPG

She is oddly really good at wearing costumes. She actually likes them and will keep them on probably for days if we let her.FullSizeRender.jpg

Around 4 it was shower and go time. My parents would be over at 5pm for dinner. They were bringing the turkey, nonalcoholic champagne for my father, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. We were in charge of the rest.

Christmas tree on, decorations on, food warm, christmas music on, Dakota in her elf costume, check.FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Dinner started with holding hand and my brother butchered the blessing this year. “Bless us Lord for the food we are about to receive and uhh thank you. Amen.”

It was something. We clung glasses and ate. For me, it was while hitting my father for sneaking Dakota table food.

Everyone left and we watched Stranger Things again.

IMG_2937.JPGMonday! My husband I both took off. He woke up at 6am to go to Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmart to buy lights and decorations…3,000 lights later he was home at 8:30 when I woke up.

I spent the morning going through the clothes I was gifted yesterday and then working out shoulders and chest. 11am came around which meant time for Matt to get up and I was able to get the courage to say I wanted to go to the graves. I was always so nervous and awkward about this because it was something Matt had never been too or experienced. He said he wanted to for me. And so, I took our fake center piece flowers and we went to my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and half-brother graves,; three sites in total. We had a 4th for my step-grandfather, but didn’t make it. We will shortly. I promise, Buddy.

Then we went to the mall for Hallmark decoration and got 4 half price. Score. Frozen, Charlie Brown, Eeyore, and Frosty. The rest of the stores were too crowded for my liking and so we went home. Finished the season of Stranger Things. Walked Dakota. Made and ate dinner. Showered. Then watched the season Finale of Designated Survivor.

Yes, the last few days was full of TV. But that means cuddles and relaxing so I’m game.IMG_2946.JPG



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