Change:Defend Your Metamorphosis

“You’ve changed.” “That’s not what you used to think.” “You don’t like that.” “That’s not how you’d react.”

I believe that many of us are victim to these comments or variations of them and I urge you to desperately stand your ground, defend who you are.

If I was the same person I was 5 years ago, I’d punch myself in the face. Then, I’d explain to the little twat that I needed to stop acting out and let myself feel my emotions. I would have compassion for her and let her know that coping mechanism that are hurting my body and my life are not going to save her; they aren’t going to bring her happiness. I’d let her know that she needs to build her own independent and make decision for her. I’d tell her to treat herself..then I’d take her to the gym and tell her what it means to be strong.

Nevertheless, 5 years ago is a long time. I changed. I still am changing and I will keep changing. I want to keep changing. I don’t want to be the same person as last year, last month, yesterday.

Why? Well, I do like who I am. I have worked hard to be who I am and I love who I am as a person, but there is ALWAYS room for growth. What is life if you always stay the same?

If you stay the same, what have you learned? Has nothing set your soul on fire?

I want to learn. Learn about conflicts, history, situation, different perspectives because being educated in a situation or subject can change my perspective. Those who don’t learn don’t change and to me, those are the people who are closed minded. That being said, you could learn everything about something and still have the same opinion….but at least you took the time to find out more and you can probably even better argue your point.

You can’t go through life believing everything your told. You need to rip that information apart, check those sources; you need to build your own mindset.

I want to grow and be expand myself. I want to pursue the passions that make me feel something. I don’t want to be a passive observer in my life. I want to continuously see the world I live in both physically and metaphorically.

Changing is called living actively. You change to combat the situation. You change because you’ve gained knowledge that reorders your priorities and perspective.

I changed direction because some paths I sailed down led to nowhere. I changed who I was with the passion of who I could become.

Some of us change more than other, but we all change. We all did change at some point in our lives, for the good or the bad.

I know I changed for the positive and if you have to, defend it.

I choose to live. I choose to change to be the best person I can offer this world and so I’ll keep changing relentlessly.





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