Linq Promenade

So I have been MIA for the past two weeks because I was in Vegas celebrating my birthday for a week and then attending the RHCP concert, Valentines’ day, and life upon my return. So here is a little update.

On Sunday we flew out to Las Vegas to start our stay at The Linq hotel.

Little about the Linq: It has its own promenade which is awesome. The promenade is like street off the strip with no cars, but SUSHI BURRITOS, IN N OUT, tons of good restaurants, a 24hr cupcake ATM, and a ferris wheel so tall/big people literally have happy hour in the pods.




The promenade is also heated. It was February, but the weather was in the 60s during the day and cold at night. Throw on a sweatshirt and you’re good. Sunday was also the superbowl. It was packed with lines for betting and most bars had an entrance fee…beings we were exhausted from traveling, we watched the first half in the hotel room before watching the second sitting on a fountain in the promenade with our beer and sushi burrito. In Vegas you can walk around with alcohol. Nice.


JA Burrito

Monday-We decided to head to Old Las Vegas aka Fremont Street. This was the only place we paid to park. It was inexpensive though ($5 for an hour). We made a turn coming out of the garage and ended up in front of THE DONUT BAR. My plans were to come to this location or the Pink Box while in Vegas and here it was by accident. So of course, we went inside.

Some donuts were the size of my head. They had a strawberries and creme between a donut. They even had  a donut with an entire poptart inside. I opted for a giant nutella donut and a creme brulee. Literally, the topping cracked when I bit it. I was too full for both donuts…so I put one half in my pocket for later. The picture on the far right of Homer is actually in their bathroom. The whole bathroom is donut murals…even the ceiling. HELLLLO HEAVEN.

We continued on to Fremont which honestly was a quick walk through. I hear it is better at night all lit up, but after about 5 mins we walked down to Pawn Stars and passed the Graceland Wedding Chapelimg_3388

We also stopped at Acrylic Tank Mfg (the TV show) and toured around. They were filming at the time so it was pretty cool. My husband is more the ATM and Pawn Star watcher than me.

Midnight on Monday would turn into my BIRTHDAY. So a quick instagram post on looking for a night club in Vegas followed by a lot of hashtags, led me to a promotor of XS and free entry for my husband and I with a free grey goose drink for me. #Winning


But before, we ate at the buffet in Treasure Island (I do NOT recommend) and then saw Circus du Soleil which I 100% recommend.c52d6cfb18f389fd3dc91ae361e0aba8

XS was packed even on this Monday night. Side note: this is where the Chainsmokers have residency now. We underestimated the distance from our hotel to XS so my feet were blisters and I was stuffing toilet paper in my shoes as soon as we got there. But I managed.

Behind the DJ was open to the outside and their pool…that calls for some sick pool parties during the summer. There are indoor pool parties in Feb BUT on some Saturdays and we missed it.

Tuesday- MY BIRTHDAY! And Matthew promised me breakfast before hiking the Red Rock Canyons. So of course, I had to look up the best place I could find…and I found it.


About 10 mins off the strip, this location is one you NEED to try out. I got the Waffle Macchiato (cinnamon vanilla macchiato with a churro waffle) with a waffle breakfast sandwich which I dipped in syrup.

The off to the Red Rock Canyons. This piece of nature is just so massive and amazing that it captivates you. You pay $7 a car to get in and then park at different locations along the 13 mile scenic trail. The best hikes to go on (depending on your level: easy, moderate, strenuous) Calico Tank and the Keystone Thrust. These are both moderate and I was in pain the next day from only doing the Calico Tank. I was told my a worker that the best view is from Calico Tank and the most interesting is the Keystone Thrust since geologist fly from all around the world to try to understand the plate tectonics that are happening at this location.

We were too exhausted to do this one. I was also told the strenuous trails did not equal a better view and not to do them unless I had some kind of “wanna conquer the world” attitude. I was all about the views…so no.


There is no trail. There is a first and then you just have to climb. We went a “bad” way and I ended up hugging the side of a cliff while Matt pushed me into the mountain so I didn’t fall…the way back down had no hard was all a matter of picking what you thought was the right way because as long as you go up, technically it is the right way.

On the way back, we were exhausted and starving, but we still stopped at the Welcome sign for a quick picture & then moved our dinner reservation to 4pm and caught half price tacos and $5 margaritas at Chayo’s inside the Linq.

Matthew had also been sneaky and sent those beautiful white roses to our room for my birthday ❤

We came back and slept before ending the night on the High Roller Ferris Wheel. Great end to a birthday.


I worked out. I only worked out two days while on vacation and the Linq is actually a pretty decent gym. It has weights 5-75lbs, arm and leg machines including a leg press, elliptical, treadmills, a mat and balls for abs, and a cable machine. I didn’t have to get as creative as I thought I would to get in a good workout.

For lunch we ate at the stratosphere on the 106 floor…

FUN FACT: on the floor above is a theme park. They have a claw that hangs over the side of the stratosphere and a bungee that sends you up even higher…no thank you.

The food is pretty expensive for dinner which is why we opted for lunch. The food was AMAZING though.

That night we went to see Criss Angel..the best magician ever before getting a quick bite to eat and going to Top Golf. You pay $60 for up to 6 people for a bay and hit golf balls. Each ball has a gps tracker and so it was register on the screen in your bay. You can play games, order drinks…it is a good time. criss-angel-mindfreak3168_topgolf-las-vegas-hitting-bay-night-01

Thursday: We left empty on purpose for our last night there. We went around and saw all the hotels and went in all the shops we wanted too. Took those final pictures and I used my free large pizza coupon for my birthday at Grimaldi’s. If you will be in Vegas on your birthday, sign up for their rewards. This pizza was huge and awesome! img_3466

And around 11pm on our last night, we randomly decided to get matching tattoos. I don’t have an image to post at this time, however, I know we are ridiculously cheesy.

So I’ll explain:

My husband and I were bff’s in 8th grade and started dating a week after 8th grade ended. When we got to freshman year and saw all the high school relationships, we wanted to know our relationship was deeper or stronger. Everyone was saying I love you when they had been dating an hour and we wanted a way to state our love differently. And so in math class, we learned a line goes on forever on both sides and never ends.

We began to equate this to our love and started to draw a line <—> under our signatures, names, in cards, and still do randomly for going on 12 years. And so, we got this symbol & I love it. Haters gonna hate.

We flew home and were reunited with our puppy child who was completely overwhelmed to see her mommy and daddy.

It was an awesome trip and if you need any details for your adventure…hit me up!




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