The Person Behind the Name

I wanted to say the face behind the name, then I realized, I’m more than just a face.

I am Beth. I am 25 and was a teacher for 2.5 years before deciding  the field just wasn’t for me. I loved my kids and English/history, but a lot more goes into teaching and it wasn’t for me.
I was the top of my class in college and graduated in 3.5 years with the highest honors. Now, that doesn’t even matter when it comes to my career.

And so, I showed up at an open interview for a position I wasn’t qualified for and landed a different job. I became certified in nutrition around this time as I was and still am searching for what I actually want to do in life. I am content now, but I am not someone who likes to merely be content.

I am more than my job.

8th grade to now

I have been with my husband since the end of 8th grade. No, we haven’t broken up. He’s my sun and stars: the light that shines me out of darkness and warms my soul. A star that is always reminding me of my positives.

We have a minifamily aka me, Matt, and our puppy, Dakota.

Mini Fam

I love festive anything. I love date nights. I love donuts, but they have to be “cool.” I love trying new things and going new places.

But I am also a homebody that doesn’t like being  away for long unless my minifamily is with me.

It took me to here to realize I said nothing regarding fitness. And I think that means something; powerlifting and bodybuilding is a hobby. Eating healthy is because I want to live a long life. All the snacks in the middle is me enjoying that long life.

My brothers and parents ❤