Welcome to my site! If you follow me on instagram you know that for the last two years, I have surrounded myself in the bodybuilding industry. If you are interested in seeing my complete 16 week bikini prep or want nutrition/workout advice click HERE.

But for now, my sights are not set on competing until MAYBE August 2017 (my last competition was June 11, 2016). August 2017 will be my first national show. Stay tuned.

This will be an over a year break & I am extremely excited about it.

SO what am I up to now? Powerlifting.

I want to compete in February. I had this goal last off season, but I changed my focus to gaining weight and putting on size rather than strength. Don’t get me wrong; I begun my fitness journey by squatting and dead lifting; however, I had no idea about form, routines, etc. Then, 6 months into my 2015-2016 off season, I let 200lbs roll off my neck and had whiplash as if I was in a car accident.

Fast forward to August 2016, my sights became set for a local competition. My form-terrible. My strength-not impressive.

My passion-stronger than ever.

And so I am creating this blog.

I am not going to publicize this and try to get people to read it on IG or any other platform. I am doing this for me. When I first created my Instagram account, its sole purpose was for me; I told no one.  It ended up turning into inspiration for some and a pathway to friendships I have today. Nevertheless, I became too “obsessive” for lack of better term.

I spent too much time trying to get followerw and more likes. I spent too much time staring at my phone instead of life. I stopped posting things I wanted because it wouldn’t be what others would want. This thinking was awful and wrong; I’m embarrassed even writing this. Yes, I enjoy the free things that are sent to me; I enjoy writing reviews in which I am 100% truthful. I enjoy getting the opportunity to shoot with different photographers to get experience. What I didn’t like was the negativity. I didn’t like being criticized for random things. Even on other platforms other than Instagram like YouTube, fb, etc, I’d say one comment and look back later and have someone arguing with me or cutting at my credibility because they didn’t agree. That’s not how I want to live; that’s not who I am. I’ve changed my life to be a positive person for myself and others, yet for some reason, I was letting others reverse that change.

I never and still don’t know my end goal with my IG account. I am certified in nutrition. I do love helping people and coaching. I think that is enough for me. Did I have dreams of being instafamous and going to these expos with 100s of fans? Did I have dreams of traveling the world due to this fame? Of course, I think we all have those thoughts sometimes. But in reality, that means leaving my husband and puppy for extended periods of time….like that’s tough.

That being said, My Instagram will always be my baby; it started so much for me.

Well, I should stop making my home page ridiculously long in case someone stumbles upon this. But, I guess, that is also the point. This page is for me to say and be as free as I want to be.

Living strong, confident, & finding beauty in strength.


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